What is Bake Austin?

Hi, my name is Chef Pascal Simon.

Our kids cookery school was started in 2012 in my home at the dining room table, with one stand mixer and twelve children. I went to culinary school and received a Pastry Culinary Arts degree.

When I became a single mom, I wanted to do something that I was passionate about and would support my livelihood while showing my children how to strive for the things one desires in life.

Baking, education, children, instilling values and resilience in young minds, as well as creating a schedule that allowed me time to be with my children, were the passions that led me to create Bake Austin.

After transitioning Bake Austin to 100% virtual learning, I’m noticing that students learn a lot more and a lot faster because they are doing everything in their own kitchens with their own tools, though I am there on the screen. They learn how to troubleshoot, how to communicate by asking me questions. Students learn how to follow instructions, how to understand the structure of recipes, and ultimately how to become more confident and independent. And they don’t have to share a table or equipment with anybody. They have their own space.

Never forget, I always have students clean up so that they learn ownership of one’s space. As a parent, I have observed that instructions are received in a different, more willing way if someone else tells my children something than if it is just coming from me. There is less of a struggle and more willingness to listen and take action.

What do I think about virtual learning? I love it! I’m really excited about the abilities and reach of virtual/online learning because of the accessibility for students, no matter where they are in the world. It broadens the experience and students from different cultures get to interact in real-time. Though online learning may not translate well for every subject, for baking and cooking it translates beautifully to give them valuable life skills!

Are you ready to cook up confidence in your kitchen? Learn more about my upcoming online classes for kids and adults.

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Bake Austin is a culinary school for all ages. We teach you to be the boss of your own kitchen. Most of us don't need more stuff, but we all need to eat! 🎂 If you sign up today you will receive our famous & delicious Carrot Cake Recipe